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Bullied Woman Becomes Blogging Star After Gobsmacking Weight-Loss Transformation

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Weight Loss |

A Russian girl from Saint Petersburg, Tanya Rybakova, is one of the many people who were bullied because of their weight. However, after years of being bullied, this girl has managed to make a big decision to lose all the excess weight, and this decision has changed her life immensely.

Weighing 17st, this 25-year-old girl was miserable, vulnerable and insecure. She says that being overweight took her confidence, because not only did she feel bad in her own skin, but she was also constantly bullied and teased by other kids from school.

She says that the moment when she decided to make a life-changing decision came on her prom night. Her friends did not talk to her, and she spent that night aloe and crying. That is when she decided that something needs to be changed, and this night was the night when her life started to turn around.
When she looks back, Tanya blames her poor diet on the obesity. She explains that she does not come from a rich family, so she and her family would always eat cheap food, which was tasty, but very unhealthy. Not only that her obesity caused her insecurity and social problems, but at one point she even had health issues, having problems breathing and being difficult to walk. She admits that she tried a vast number of popular diets, but they were only a waste of time and nerves – since the weight would always come back.

When she became a university student, she was feeling weak and she was shaking because of all the diets, and it is when she decided that it was about time to change not only her diet, but her lifestyle. She researched healthy food, fitness training, and she visited a nutritionist who told her more about proper diet and helped her create a diet plan.

She started by cutting trans-fat and sugar, she trained and home and swam in a nearby lake three times a week. After reducing the excess weight, Tanya also had a surgery to remove the excess skin. She says that she has tried everything to reduce the amount of skin and to accept it, but there was simply too much of it. She had a surgery three years ago and it is not a secret.

After beating obesity, not only has Tanya gained self-esteem and self-confidence, but she has also become the first Russian lifestyle blogger who posted a weight-loss video on YouTube. Today, her YouTube channel has almost 300,000 subscribers, and there are also hundreds of thousands of fans who follow her on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.

Tanya says that this transformation and the success that followed are like her own Cinderella story. After having no friends, being bullied, sick and insecure, she has now become an internet sensation in her home country, she helps other people live healthier, and even her former bullies reach out and tell her that she is beautiful. Tanya is not bitter or angry and she says that she has forgiven the kids for bulling her. Today she runs an online weight-loss program and helps her subscribers live healthier and lose weight in a right way.She used garcinia cambogia dosage and everyone recommends this premium product .